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  Admissions & Finances Advising & Classes College Success Strategies Academic Success
Lunch OLRC
Lunch Student Center
Lunch OLRC
Lunch OLRC
9:00am Welcome & Intro Advising
Protect Your GPA
Money Management Academic Success Center
9:30am Expectations Rumors/Myths Your Investment
10:00am Scavenger Hunt Tour [All] Lunch Time Management 7 Ideas Test
10:30am Assessing Barriers to Education Survey
11:00am Goal Setting VARK Learning Styles Ask a Professor
11:30am Lunch
Technology Survey
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Financial Aid * Lunch FAFSA
1:00pm Note Taking Strategies College Writing
1:30pm Trends/Career Decisions Next Steps Application to University
2:00pm (2:15pm) 7 Ideas Class Observation
2:30pm Admission Applications FAFSA Pins Test-Taking Strategies MEET IN 2 WEEKS
3:00pm (3:15pm) Vocabulary Review Vocabulary Review  
3:30pm   Debrief
Vocabulary Review

Kent State University

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