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Test-taking Strategies

When we mention that students will be taking a test on the physics content they have been studying, the immediate reaction is test anxiety. Our purpose for this session is to help them sort through those feelings and give them some strategies so they can become successful test-takers. We have them pair up and list their top 10 ways to study for a test. I then share the results from Top 10 Tips for Successful Students – Best Ways to Study for a Test, a poll taken by faculty and staff. The OnCourse book by Skip Downing provides student success strategies based on eight principles. This text is often used in First-year Experience courses and provides many activities that are available online at Success Strategies.htm.

Share the Test Taking PPT and some ways to be better prepared. Many hints and strategies are found in Preparation for a Successful Exam Day. These are listed on chart paper and students are given voting dots to choose the top three strategies they plan to use when they study tonight and actually take the test tomorrow.

Computer Study and Test-taking Strategies are one of the topics students can learn more about in the Academic Success Moodle if they would like to acquire additional approaches to becoming a successful student.

Lesson Plans ABLE instructors can also download the Eureka lesson plan, How to Study for a Test, for use in their ABLE transitions classrooms. Students will write about how to study for a test and create a class test-taking manual. They can also choose to write GED-type questions to become more familiar with test questions. Becoming good test-takers is a learned skill. The handouts in this lesson give students an opportunity to practice and provide guidelines to improve their test-taking.

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