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Learning Styles

Students don’t want to struggle through the learning process. Finding out about their individual learning style will give them tools to make learning more effective. This activity takes place in the GEDSI computer lab. Depending on workshop size, we also have laptops for students to use so that everyone gets a chance to explore their individual learning style. Students complete the VARK Learning Styles Inventory where they learn about visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic preferences. This inventory is especially helpful for students as it details study strategies on how they take in information, how to study strategically and how to best prepare for a test. Students can copy their results to their flash drives and/or make copies for future reference.

Computer Learning Styles is one of the topics students can learn more about in the Academic Success Moodle if they would like to acquire additional approaches to becoming a successful student.

Lesson Plans ABLE instructors can also download the Eureka lesson plan, How Do I Learn Best?, for use in their ABLE transitions classrooms. Students read about and determine their individual learning style in order to develop learning strategies. A paper copy of the VARK is included in this lesson.

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