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Time Management

We know that self-management skills enable students to cope with the academic demands of college and that their goal attainment is often based on how well they can manage their time. OLRC Staff share several time management techniques they use to get and stay organized by organizing your stuff and organizing your time. Complete a quick inventory of your current time commitments by completing the Time Planning Worksheet and the monthly calendar. We provide each student with an academic planner to begin writing down important times and dates, such as Bridges and university meetings. If students prefer an online calendar, we share how to use Google Calendar and how it can also help them in planning their semester schedules. We practice developing a weekly and daily to-do list with their current responsibilities, but also provide a model of how their schedule will change once they begin classes.

Computer Time Management is one of the topics students can learn more about in the Academic Success Moodle if they would like to acquire additional approaches to becoming a successful student.

Lesson Plan ABLE instructors can also download the Eureka lesson plan, Help! I Need Five Minutes to Study, for use in their ABLE transitions classrooms. Students will practice ways to better manage their time by keeping track of their current time usage, by prioritizing and scheduling events, and by using a daily planning calendar.

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