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Our Academic Advising University Partner shares with prospective students on the second day about making the important choice of choosing their majors and careers. The advisor discusses this from her perspective as a former student and from her undergraduate exploratory advising position. She stresses the importance of meeting with an academic advisor to make sure that students stay on track with their requirements and deadlines.

This session takes place in the GEDSI computer lab in our offices. The advisor then directs students to the KSU website page Explore Majors and Degrees –Graduation Planning System (GPS). Here they can search an area of study they discovered during the career awareness activity. KSU uses roadmaps as a semester-by-semester plan of study for each major, such as the GPS Student Plan and Recommendation Sheet. Students should become familiar with how to understand these forms.

Students receive a free flash drive to save any roadmaps of interest or they can print copies to put in their notebooks. This time is a very individual exploration based on their particular interests, but many questions are answered and general misunderstandings of college requirements are specifically addressed.

Until his recent retirement, the Dean of Arts and Sciences visited Bridges to share his talk Protect Your GPA. During this time, he also shared his college journey and stressed the importance of why students must keep their GPA in good standing and many examples of students who weren’t able to maintain their GPA and the problems that ensued with persevering at the university.

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