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Expectations Rumors/Myths Your Investment

Expectations Activity
Explain to group that expectations are powerful, and that understanding them is key to the success of our workshops this week.
Tell the group you would like them to:

Rumors/Myths Discussion
Lead with the question What have you heard about college? List ideas on the board. This opens the discussion for facilitators to dispel much of the false information students bring with them about the possibility of their entrance into the university.

Share the handout How is College Different from High School to compare their past educational experiences with what to expect at the university. Stress the fact that students are now taking responsibility for their learning.

Today’s typical college student is no longer an 18-year-old recent high school graduate. Talk about this concept using Yesterday’s Nontraditional Student is Today’s Traditional Student. There are several terms students will need to know and can add to their syllabus vocabulary list.

During the first day and throughout the week we invite current GED Scholars to talk with prospective students and answer questions they have about transitioning to higher education. This is a valuable connection point for these students who if they matriculate, will be given a Peer2Peer mentor to help them navigate the university system.

College as an Investment
Students bring many misconceptions about the actual cost of college tuition. Share the current tuition rates with participants. Discuss the idea of credit hours and how tuition is calculated. This may be a good time to discuss the regional cost versus main campus expenses. Also, a good time to introduce room and board and how many students are interested in living on campus.

It is important for students to meet successful GED holders and how they have navigated the university system. We invite a GED Scholar on the first day to share their GED story and discuss the concept of college as an investment into your future.

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